New Year Norms

Happy New Year! I am still working through my growth mindset project and have decided to focus on it from the point of view of a very experienced employee. You know the one. They’ve worked for the same company for 28 years in the same role and they have no reason to invest further when they have one big toe out the door. They are jaded by years of bad training and generally have a bad attitude toward working on new ideas in general. I am currently using Cathy Moore’s book ‘Map It’ and Dr. Carol Dweck’s book ‘Mindset’ to think through what effective training for this demographic would look like and asking, ‘How to you create training that creates a growth mindset?’ I used to attend professional development sessions where the trainers would present norms at the beginning of each training. I understood what they were trying to do but you could not command employees to learn. In fact, I bet it had the opposite effect and shut many people down. So how do you set up training that encourages an open mind toward what is being taught and encourages employees to seek growth even in areas they are already considered experts? Is there a different way to set up norms in a way that is digestible for even the most cynical of employees?

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